Asphalt Facility

Nov 16, 2017

The GMVUAC has reviewed the proposal by Lakeside Industries (LI) for a grading permit (GRDE17-0069) to prepare its property located at 18825 SE Renton-Maple Valley Rd (site of the old Sunset Materials facility and formerly King County Shops) for development as an asphalt facility. This facility currently is located in the City of Covington (within the Urban Growth Area) and LI plans to move it to the Rural Area in unincorporated King County. The GMVUAC sees this as placing urban-serving facilities in the Rural Area, primarily to take advantage of relatively cheaper land.


Information on this permit application can be found at this link: The King County Department of Permitting and Environmental Review (DPER) contact is Fereshteh Dehkordi, Senior Project Manager, 206-477-0375 or


Thousands of citizens in the vicinity of the site have protested and communicated with the King County Council their concerns. The GMVUAC, as part of its November 2017 monthly meeting, discussed this proposal along with others to an overflow crowd of nearly 100 concerned citizens.


This pressure led to the King County Council placing a 6-month Moratorium on the “acceptance of applications for development of rural industrial uses in close proximity to the Cedar River” (i.e., “within one quarter mile of the ordinary high water mark”). “No building permit, occupancy permit, public health approval or development permit or approval of any kind shall be accepted or issued for any of the purposes or activities prohibited by this section.”


Further, the King County Council instructed the King County Executive to conduct a 3-month Study of “the rural industrial uses permitted in close proximity to the Cedar River” and to evaluate “whether the land use designation and zoning for identified rural industrial land use parcels is still appropriate and consistent with applicable laws, regulations and adopted policies and adequately addresses the impacts and concerns” and to identify “development regulation or map changes, or both, that would address the impacts and concerns.”  The full King County Council Moratorium Ordinance No. 18611 can be found below in UPDATES.


The King County Council will hold a Public Hearing on this matter on January 8, 2018, at the King County Courthouse 516 Third Avenue Seattle, Room 1001. Concerned citizens are encouraged to testify and/or submit written comments to the King County Council at


Representatives from Lakeside Industries attended our December 4 monthly meeting and made a formal presentation of their asphalt plant plans and discussed this matter with the Council and members of the public in attendance.


The GMVUAC will be following this process and will post updates here.




GRDE17-0069 Notice to extend deadline (.docx 15 kb)

GRDE17-0069 Notice to extend deadline (.pdf 89 kb)

Asphalt Facility Application and SEPA Comments_GMVUAC 12-5-2017.pdf

Well Site Locations-Group B and Irrigation_Approx.pdf

King County Council_Moratorium Final Ordinance #18611.pdf