Franchise Compensation Rule Update

Jan 18, 2018

Updated through July 2, 2018

PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT King County adopted the Final Franchise Compensation Rule effective January 29, 2018.

For information on this Rule, including related policies and guidelines, please see our Current Issues box on this website and click on the Utility Franchise Compensation category — or simply click here:  Franchise Compensation Rule .  Detailed information, including reports and applications, may be found on our webpage or may generally be found on the agency website that may be accessed by a clickable link.

King County and several Special Purpose Districts are currently engaged in litigation to determine the validity and/or applicability of this new Rule. King County Superior Court Case No. 18-2-02238-0.  Several water associations have been added as intervenors.  Summary Judgment hearing is currently set for July 27, 2018, before Judge Samuel S. Chung, Courtroom W-1060, Seattle Courthouse.  GMVUAC will endeavor to keep you posted with information regarding this important matter as such becomes available.

Following is the King County Superior Court docket information regarding the Franchise Compensation Rule litigation (essentially a declaratory judgment action testing the validity of this Rule):

Case Number: 18-2-02238-0
Plaintiff: King County
Defendants: Cedar River Water & Sewer District; Coal Creek Utility District; Covington Water District; Fall City Water District; Highline Water District; King County Water District No. 20; Lakehaven Water & Sewer District; Midway Sewer District (dismissed); NE Sammamish Sewer & Water District; Sammamish Plateau Water & Sewer; Skyway Water & Sewer District; Southwest Suburban Sewer District; Valley View Sewer District; Vashon Sewer District; Woodinville Water District.
Intervenors include: Ames Lake Water Assn; Dockton Water Assn;  Foothills water Assn; Sallal Water Assn; Tanner Water Assn; and Union Hill Water Assn.