King County Comprehensive Plan

Updated January 13, 2019

The King County Comprehensive Plan (KCCP) is required under the State’s Growth Management Act (GMA). It that guides residential, commercial, and industrial development and growth and zoning in our rural area. King County conducts Major Updates, Mid-Point Reviews, and Annual Updates as follows:

Major Updates

Although the KCCP can be updated annually, major updates (e.g., Urban Growth Boundary changes, Policy changes, etc.) have been conducted every four years. The GMVUAc has conducted in-depth reviews and prepared and submitted detailed comments on such major updates. Rather than updating the KCCP every four years, King County decided in late 2018 to conduct such major updates every eight years. The Area Council led an effort of multiple unincorporated area councils/associations to provide comments on such changes: UACs’ Cover Letter Proposed Ordinance 2018-0153 Matrix w/ Striker and UACs’ ComparisonSince 2016 was the last major update, the next major update will be 2024 with work commencing in early 2023.

Mid-Point Reviews

As part of these recent changes King County has decided that for the interim fourth year of the 8-year major update cycle there will be a “Mid-Point Review.” The process for the 2020 “Mid-Point Review” started with the King County Executive transmitting a Scoping Document (i.e., Scope of Work) to the King County Council on January 2, 2019. The process for the 2020 KCCP “Mid-Point Review” continues as follows:

  • February 28, 2019 – Deadline for King County Council adoption of Scope of Work
  • July 1, 2019 – Executive releases a Public Review Draft (PRD) with a 30-day public comment period and public meetings (dates and location TBD)
  • September 30, 2019 – Executive transmits the Executive Recommended Plan to the County Council
  • June 30, 2020 – Deadline for Council adoption of 2020 Comprehensive Plan

The Area Council will host KCCP Manager, Ivan Miller, during one of its monthly meetings in the Spring of 2019. It will also conduct in-depth reviews of the PRD and submit detailed comments to the King County Executive’s Office in the Summer of 2019. All such review  meetings are open to the Public. Finally, the Area Council will review the King County Executive’s Recommended Plan in the Fall of 2019 and submit detailed comments to the King County Council by the end of 2019.


Annual Updates

There continues to be an annual process to update the KCCP through Docket Requests, which may be submitted by individuals and entities for the County’s consideration to make technical corrections. For more information on the Docket process and to view specific requests for annual amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, please visit the following website: KC Docket Information . In addition, in 2019 the County will be undertaking a major update to the Greater Maple Valley-Cedar River Community Service Area (CSA) Subarea Plan (supersedes the former Tahoma-Raven Heights Area Plan). Please see our Growth Management Committee and Correspondence – Letters webpages to learn more about the GMVUAC’s involvement with these various processes, projects, and programs — along with all links to our comments.

Maple Valley

The GMVUAC serves the residents of unincorporated King County living in the Tahoma School District No. 409 (outside the city limits of Maple Valley).  Our Washington nonprofit corporation was established in 1977; we serve a population of 16,100 (2010 Census); and our service area is 116 sq mi.  Below is a map of our Service Area and the four Community Areas:

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