KC Exec Proposes New Dept of Local Services

Jan 24, 2018


King County held its annual Town Hall/Open House on May 15, 2018, at the Hobart Community Church.  Read the announcement here: KC Town Hall-Open House-Notice-05 15 2018 .

Note that legislation has been introduced to create a new DEPARTMENT OF LOCAL SERVICES that will include the DPER together with various functions of the KCDOT and KCDNRP.  Inter-agency and -department agreements are intended with the PH-SKC On Site Septic Systems Program that could result in improved performance and customer service — time will tell.  Information regarding the Local Services Initiative may be read here: Local Services Initiative_Report , and more detailed information regarding this new Department may be viewed here:  KC Exec Proposes New Dept of Local Services_01 22 2018 .  On February 13 the KC Council was briefed and presented more detailed information on this proposal, which may be viewed here: Legislation Details (With Text)   2018-B0015_Dept of Local Services   LSI GAO presentation Feb 13 . At the KC Council’s March 12, 2018, meeting, a Motion was submitted at the request of the KC Executive outlining guidance regarding the establishment of the new Department of Local Services — documents may be read here:  2018-0159 Transmittal Letter    2018-0159 Legislation Details (With Text)    2018-0159 Legislative Review Form

The GMVUAC had Harold Taniguchi present and discuss details regarding this new department at our April 2, 2018, monthly meeting. At our meeting, Mr Taniguchi advised us that the present plan is to NOT include plumbing services, onsite sewage system services, and Boeing Field airport directly in the new Department — but to have inter-agency agreements with these services that will hopefully coordinate related programs to give residents better services.

All residents are encouraged to download, complete, and send to Harold Taniguchi (contact information on form) the Local Services Initiative Questionnaire that is available here: Local Services Initiative_Questionnaire .

The GMVUAC will endeavor to keep this post updated with relevant information, including legislative text and public hearings/meetings as such becomes available.