KC Exec Proposes New Dept of Local Services

Jan 24, 2018

PLEASE TAKE IMMEDIATE NOTICE THAT the KC Executive has introduced legislation to create a new DEPARTMENT OF LOCAL SERVICES that will include the DPER together with various functions of the KCDOT, KCDNRP, and the PH-SKC On Site Septic Systems Program.  Information on this proposal is here:  KC Exec Proposes New Dept of Local Services_01 22 2018 .  At the KC Council’s March 12, 2018, meeting, a Motion was submitted at the request of the KC Executive outlining guidance regarding the establishment of the new Department of Local Services — documents may be read here:  2018-0159 Transmittal Letter    2018-0159 Legislation Details (With Text)    2018-0159 Legislative Review Form

Harold Taniguchi, Director of KC Transportation will be attending our April 2 meeting to provide information and answer questions about the proposal to create this new Department to improve services to rural areas as well as the remaining urban unincorporated areas of King County.

The GMVUAC will endeavor to keep this post updated with relevant information, including legislative text and public hearings/meetings as such becomes available.