KC Solid Waste Plan

Jan 17, 2018


The King County Solid Waste Division has published a Draft Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan Update and Environmental Impact Statement that propose a comprehensive plan for managing our garbage and recycling for the next 20 years.  These documents are now available for public review and comment.  The public comment period is open through March 8, 2018.  The GMVUAC intends to review these documents and offer comments.  Individuals desiring to express their concerns regarding this topic and the referenced documents are encouraged to participate in this review process and to timely submit relevant comments and suggestions for the County’s consideration.  A timeline has been set for the review and adoption process.

The Fact Sheet prepared by the County may be viewed here:  KC Solid Waste CompPlan Update-Fact Sheet-FINAL

The County website devoted to this subject matter, including access to the relevant documents, may be accessed directly by clicking on the following link:   http://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/dnrp/solid-waste/about/planning/comp-plan.aspx

At the GMVUAC February meeting, Solid Waste Division Director Pat D. McLaughlin presented a slide show outlining the draft Comprehensive Management Plan Update and the applicable procedures and timeline for its public review and implementation.  You can view this presentation here:  KC SW Comp Plan Update_Slides_02 12 2018

The GMVUAC has submitted its comments regarding King County’s draft Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan Update. The GMVUAC’s comments to this plan may be read here: KCSWMP–COMMENTS_03 07 2018 . Some highlights from our Comments include:

(1) Support for waste prevention and reuse as highest priorities;
(2) Use of educational methods to produce more informed consumers and producers of solid waste;
(3) No expansion of the Cedar Hills Landfill;
(4) Consumer and producer incentives to keep recyclable items out of the waste stream; and
(5) Support to explore viability of Waste-to-Energy or Waste Incineration methods.