2024 KCCP Major Update

Updated April 23, 2022


On April 22, 2022, a Joint Team of eight Rural Area Unincorporated Area Councils / Unincorporated Area Associations / Organizations submitted Detailed Comments to the King County Council’s Local Services and Land-Use Committee on the King County Executive’s recommended Scope for the 2024 KCCP Major 8-Year Update to be discussed at its April 26 meeting.

In January 2022 King County called for Scoping Items to help inform its “Major 8-Year KCCP Update.” The GMVUAC, again, organized many of the King County Rural Area UACs/UAAs/Organizations (EPCA, FofSV, GRC, GV/LHA, HHA, SCAR, UBCUAC) to prepare and submit a set KCCP 2024 Major Update–Scoping Items.

For more information on the Schedule and the Process, please see: KCCP 2024 Major Update.