PSRC Regional Transportation Plan

Jan 24, 2018


The Puget Sound Regional Council is the regional planning organization for the four-county central Puget Sound region of Washington state. PSRC is committed to creating a great future for the region through planning for regional transportation, land use and economic development, under authority embodied in state and federal laws.

The central Puget Sound region’s long-range transportation plan is undergoing a federally required review and update – scheduled for completion in May 2018. The timing is good. The region is experiencing a surge in growth, big decisions have been made on major transportation investments, and fast-developing new technologies are challenging planners to rethink assumptions about the future.

The draft Regional Transportation Plan has been released for a 45-day comment period through January 31. Let the region’s elected leadership know what you think. All comments will be shared with policy makers as they work in spring 2018 to finalize the plan.

Here is how to participate in review and comment on the draft Plan: PSRC Regional Transportation Plan

The four Rural Area Unincorporated Area Councils (GMVUAC, FCUAC, UBCUAC, and GV/LHA) submitted detailed Public Comments on the draft PSRC Regional Transportation Plan on January 29, 2018: PSRC RTP COMMENTS