King County Code Review

  1. Plan

Convene the Growth Management Committee and the Transportation Committee jointly to temporarily form the GMTC over a 3-month time period to address the following overarching goal: “To recommend to the King County Executive and King County Council specific code changes to protect the Rural Area from massive urban development and its “overflow” (intentional or not).”

  1. Specific Goals

Address the following Rural Area impacts that either we anticipate or have seen from the Black Diamond MPDs and other large developments (not in order of any priority):

  1. Transportation: congestion; road maintenance; mitigation; transit
  2. Schools sited in the RA and tax increases within urban/rural School Districts
  3. Stormwater runoff flooding and pollution
  4. Drying up of private domestic wells
  5. Stormwater retention facilities sited in the RA
  6. Sewerage collection, transport, and treatment
  7. Park needs and contributions
  8. Commercial and retail impacts
  9. Police, fire, & EMS services
  1. KC Code Chapters to be reviewed


Title 7. Parks and Recreation

Title 9. Surface Water Management

Title 10. Solid Waste

Title 13. Water and Sewer Systems

Title 14. Roads and Bridges

Title 16. Building and Construction Standards

Title 17. Fire Code

Title 20. Planning

Title 21A – ZONING

Title 26. Agricultural and Open Space Lands


  1. Final Recommendations