Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members And Functions

The GMVUAC Executive Committee is composed of the five Officers:

Chair — Steve Hiester
Vice-Chair — Rhys Sterling
Treasurer — Sue Neuner
Recording Secretary — Adam Sterling
Corresponding Secretary — Peter Rimbos

The Executive Committee’s functions and duties are set forth in the GMVUAC Bylaws. The Executive Committee oversees and manages various aspects of the GMVUAC, including its various Committees and Focal Points. The Executive Committee meets quarterly or as needed. (All Council members are free to attend.) The Executive Committee reviews all active business of the Council and sets the agenda for the upcoming regular meeting of the Council. When deemed necessary, the Executive Committee can take emergency action subject to the Bylaws. Three members constitute a quorum for the transaction of official business.

Maple Valley

The GMVUAC serves the residents of unincorporated King County living in the Tahoma School District No. 409 (outside the city limits of Maple Valley).  Our Washington nonprofit corporation was established in 1977; we serve a population of 16,100 (2010 Census); and our service area is 116 sq mi.  Below is a map of our Service Area and the four Community Areas:

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