GMVUAC Members

The GMVUAC service area is broken into the four Community Areas (see Service Area Map) and their respective voting precincts, as shown below. Members voluntarily serve and represent the Community Area in which they either reside or as designated by the Council (under the Bylaws, Members may serve as an out-of-area representative where individual Community Areas are currently over- and under- represented by resident volunteers).  For a brief introduction to each of our current members, please view our biographies here:  GMVUAC Member Bios – 9/15/2022.

Following are the four Community Areas (CA) served by the GMVUAC, the voting precincts included in each CA, and the Members who are designated to serve each CA:

1) Francis: Dorre Don, Four Lakes, Sweeney, and Riverside

Steve Hiester
Peter Rimbos

2) Hobart: Arthur, Hobart, McCoy, Tahoma, Cedar River, and Rattlesnake

Warren Iverson
Luke Hansen

3) Ravensdale: Bitterroot, Lund, Lake Retreat, Ravensdale, Selleck, Crow, and Plains

Susan Harvey

4) River Heights: Cedar Park, Milwaukee, Lake Youngs, Shadow Lake, Spring Lake, Daniel, and Valencia

LarKen Buchanan
Sue Neuner
Hendrick Haynes