Growth Management Committee

Growth Management Committee Members and Functions

Updated: February 16, 2018

Established:  February 2006


Chair: Peter Rimbos
Vice-Chair: Rhys Sterling
Members: Lorraine Blacklock, Hendrick Haynes, Warren Iverson, and Ellie Hooman (non-GMVUAC member)

Mission: Monitor King County (KC) and local jurisdiction land-use decisions, Environmental Impact Statements, proposed and enacted Ordinances, and Comprehensive Plan updates. Interact with key Washington (WA) State and regional agencies (such as the four-county Puget Sound Regional Council–PSRC), King County departments (including the Department of Permitting & Environmental Review–DPER), and the King County Council’s Transportation, Economy, and Environment (TrEE) Committee.

Major Activities: The Committee is the Area Council’s lead on all King County Comprehensive Plan (KCCP) efforts, including all major 4-year updates, as well as annual updates. The Committee has led the following GMVUAC efforts:

King County Comprehensive Plan Updates (2016, 2012, 2008, & 2004)
King County Sammamish Valley Wine & Beverage Study (2017)
Reserve Silica Land Segregation, Rezone, & Water Banking Applications (2017)
Asphalt Facility (2017)
Marijuana Growing and Processing Operations (2016 & 2015)
Isolated Industrial Zones in Rural Area (2014)
Urban-Serving Facilities in Rural Area (2014 & 2013)
Covington Master-Planned Development (2014 & 2013)
Enumclaw-Tahoma School Districts Boundary (2013)
School Siting Legislation (2012)
Pacific Raceways (2012 & 2011)
Black Diamond Master-Planned Developments (2011-1, 2011-2, 2011-3, & 2010)
King County Code Amendments (2010)

[For more information on any of these efforts, please visit the Letters page under the Correspondence tab.]

Visit our Current Issues section to learn more about those specific projects the GMVUAC through its Growth Management Committee is currently working on with and for our rural area residents:

Asphalt Plant          Asphalt Facility
Reserve Silica        Reserve Silica

Current Status by Community Area

Hobart Community Area

No recent activities open.

Lake Francis Community Area

Elk Heights Gravel Operation

Issue — Primarily transportation infrastructure impacts with up to 250 trucks per day
Status — Permit application under review; Awaiting Haul Route Agreement (HRA); KCDOT conducting a “holistic” review of Lk Francis Rd (KCDOT Rick Brater call rec’d 6/12/17; Followup ltr sent 6/19/17); KCDOT conducted a road survey (late Aug.); Awaiting Lk Francis Rd “Holistic” Review & HRA

Ravensdale Community Area

Reserve Silica

Issue — Proposed “Demonstration Project” to reclaim & build large housing project
Status — 2016 KCCP Upd prohibited consideration until 2020; KCCP D.I. 6/30/17 for rezone of 122 ac to RA-10. [Water Bank planned; Reserve Silica (RS) Water History Memo 7/21/17 to State Dept. of Ecol (DOE). GM Ch,, met w/DOE 9/5/17]; AC Docket Item (D.I.) Comments 11/7/17; KC Exec recom’d rejection 12/1/17; AC Ltr to KC Council supt’g Exec recom 12/3/17; DRAFT Remedial Investigation (R.I.) 11/20/17

River Heights Community Area

Asphalt Facility

Issue — Moving fr Covington to RA along SR-169; New Industrial use in RA subject to KCCP Policies R-513 to R-515
Status — Grading Applic filed 8/3/17; Optional Determination of Non-Significance/Mitigated DNS (DNS/MDNS); AC Comments submitted to KC DPER on 12/5/17; KCC 6-mo Moratorium on I-zoned parcels near Cedar River 11/13/17; Public Hrg (1/8/18); 3-mo Study KC Exec Recommendations (2/13/18) call for no changes–now up to KC Council final decision


External Links (see also GMVUAC King County and Links webpages): Links to key agency sites, planning documents, and reports of interest.

King County (KC):
KC Department of Permitting and Environmental Review (DPER)
KC Comprehensive Plan (KCCP)
KC Code
Countywide Planning Policies
Growth Management Planning Council (GMPC)

Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC)

WA Department of Commerce (DOC) [Comprehensive Planning Guidelines]
Growth Management Act (GMA)–RCW 36.70A

Maple Valley

We serve those that live in the Tahoma School District, but not in the city limits of Maple Valley

Service Area Stats

Established: 1977
Population: 16,100 (2010 Census)
Area: 116 sq mi