GMV/CR CSA Subarea Plan

Updated June 10, 2024

Greater Maple Valley/Cedar River CommunityServiuce Srea — Subarea Plan


Subarea plans focus on locally specific policies that address long-range community vision over the next 20 years. Scope varies based on community priorities, while maintaining consistency with the King County Comprehensive Plan (KCCP). The development of Subarea Plans is centered on community engagement. Early steps in developing a Subarea Plan include listening to interests raised by community members across the subarea and working with community members to develop a vision that guides development of the plan.

GMV/CR CSA Subarea Plan

This is the next Subarea Plan in the King County Unincorporated Area that will be developed. The Area Council territory makes up most of the GMV/CR CSA, so this will be the Subarea Plan for our local area.

Efforts will include: Establish scope; Develop vision and guiding principles; Develop long-range policies; Analyze amendments to land use, zoning and development conditions; Conduct environmental review with formal comment period; and Prepare a public review draft for comment. King County Subarea Planners will facilitate this process and will engage and work with the Public at numerous steps. They plan to directly engage with community members at public meetings, events, etc.