March 2018 Meeting

Feb 13, 2018

Fire Chief Aaron Tyerman, Maple Valley Fire & Life Safety, Fire District #43, will be present and give a brief update of relevant funding and organizational issues following the recent ballot measure.

The Area Council will hold its next regular monthly meeting on Monday, March 5, from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM at the KCFD #43 Maple Valley Fire & Life Safety Station public conference room (22225 SE 231st Street, Maple Valley, WA 98038 — SE corner of intersection of SE 231st St & SR-169 (Renton-Maple Valley-Black Diamond Road SE)).  Planned guest speaker Larry Baumgart, President of the Maple Valley Farmers’ Market cannot make the March meeting and will be rescheduled for another monthly meeting.  See below outline of the Market and its community outreach efforts, including its seating of various community organizations, including the GMVUAC, on its Board of Directors.  The Area Council will conduct its customary business regarding and relating to current and future issues of concern to area residents — check the Current Issues Box and Announcements for important news and updates.  Keep watch on this space for any updates regarding special guest speakers and/or new issues to be presented and discussed at this meeting.  All members of the public are invited to attend.  During the Public Comment period at the start of each meeting, members of the public are invited to address the Area Council on any local issue.

Following statement of principle is reproduced from this Page of the Maple Valley Farmers’ Market Facebook (c/r) site:   Maple Valley Farmers’ Market

This year we changed our working board of directors to a community stakeholder organization board of directors, where each organization has one voting representative. The new board is comprised of the following 12 organizations, in no particular order:
• City of Maple Valley
• Tahoma School District
• Tahoma High School (2 job sharing student liaisons)
• Maple Valley Black Diamond Chamber of Commerce
• Greater Maple Valley Community Center
• Maple Valley Pastoral Association
• Maple Valley Creative Arts Council
• Maple Valley Food Bank & Emergency Service
• Vine Maple Place
• Lake Wilderness Arboretum
• Maple Valley Historical Society
• Greater Maple Valley Unincorporated Area Council

The basic intent for this change is to ensure that the Maple Valley Farmers’ Market is meeting the needs of the community:
– Collaboration and coordination on:
* Events
* Emergency preparedness
– Provide Fund Raising Opportunity
– Improve Community Awareness through Market’s Saturdays’ Programs:
* Contests
* Demonstrations
* Exhibits
* Outreach
– Help shape our community
– Weekly venue already established
– Cross marketing for better community communications
– Share available resources
– Ensures that Market meets community, vendor, sponsor, and stakeholder organization’s expectations:
* entertainment
* children’s program
* food and produce services
* startup opportunities and business incubation
* awareness

We’re sure that there are many other benefits and would like to hear everyone’s viewpoint on this change.

Quite often great ideas and suggestions are not followed up on, as more often than not there are not the resources, nor time, to make them come to fruition.

Volunteering can make a huge difference, not just at your Maple Valley Farmers’ Market. All our stakeholder organizations accept volunteers.