PSRC Regional Transportation Plan

Updated Through October 17, 2021

The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) is the regional planning organization for the four-county central Puget Sound region of Washington state. PSRC is committed to creating a great future for the region through planning for regional transportation, land use and economic development, under authority embodied in state and federal laws. To read more about the PSRC, its mission and numerous programs, please click on the following link: Puget Sound Regional Council Website.

 Transportation Planning History

In 2010, 2012, and 2014 PSRC developed and refined Transportation 2040 (T-2040). It described how the region will meet transportation needs out to 2040, addressing both existing needs and expected growth. T-2040 was a long range multimodal transportation plan for the central Puget Sound region. It laid out a balanced set of investments and strategies to accommodate growth and meet the region’s transportation needs for the next 30 years. The plan included investments in bike and pedestrian facilities, local and regional transit, auto and passenger ferries, city and county roads, and state highways. Originally adopted in 2010, T-2040 was built upon the foundation of VISION 2040, including the regional growth strategy and multi-county planning policies. The objectives for T-2040 included reducing congestion and improving mobility for people and freight, within a balanced financial strategy, and while protecting the region’s environment. The plan’s investments were focused on maintaining and preserving the existing system, enhancing safety and security, improving efficiency, and prioritizing investments in strategic capacity. T-2040 met state and federal planning requirements, including the mandate for plan updates every four years and achieving air quality conformity. 

In 2017 PSRC updated T-2040 into what it called the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). This is the current Regional Transportation Plan. It was adopted by the PSRC General Assembly on May 31, 2018. It maps how the region intends to catch up and keep pace with expected growth, and outlines unprecedented investments in the region is making to improve highway, transit, rail, ferry, bicycle and pedestrian systems to support the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. For a summary see: T-2040. In January 2018 a Joint Team of of King County Rural Area Unincorporated Area Councils, Associations, and Organizations submitted Comments to PSRC on its RTP Update.

In 2021 PSRC is updating its RTP through 2050 (see: RTP Update). It is meant to respond to the priorities of VISION 2050 and describe how the region will meet transportation needs out to 2050. The plan outlines investments the region is making to improve all aspects of the transportation system – from roads, transit, rail, ferry, bicycle and pedestrian systems – and ensure the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. The GMVUAC again is leading a Joint Team in conducting an in-depth review of the PSRC’s Draft RTP. Detailed Public Comments will be submitted to PSRC early in 2022.



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