November 16 Special Meeting

Jan 18, 2018

Updated through November 6, 2018

The Washington Department of Ecology has published its Draft Agreed Order, Public Participation Plan, and Public Comment Period Fact Sheet; please read them here, come to this Special Meeting, and fully participate in this very important MTCA Cleanup Project:  WaDOE Reserve Silica Draft Agreed Order     WaDOE Public Participation Plan     WaDOE Comment Period Fact Sheet .

The GMVUAC will hold a SPECIAL MEETING ON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2018, in its customary conference room at the MVF&LS Station #81 from 7 – 9:30 PM at which the Washington State Department of Ecology will present and discuss its Draft Agreed Order (which is an agreement to conduct a remedial investigation, feasibility study, and draft cleanup action plan) for the Reserve Silica Mine Site Cleanup Project.  The Department’s Madeline Wall and Tim O’Connor, together with Reserve Silica’s Marisa Floyd and Holcim’s team of Gary Zimmerman and Golder Associates, will be present to discuss with all in attendance this Draft Agreed Order and its implementation.  All are invited to attend this Special Meeting and ask, and have answered, all of your questions.  The DOE will hold open a public comment period on its Draft Agreed Order from November 5 through December 7, 2018.  For more detailed information on the Reserve Silica Mine Site and the MTCA Cleanup Project, please click on the following link: GMVUAC Reserve Silica Webpage .