The Greater Maple Valley Unincorporated Area Council (GMVUAC), a Washington non-profit organization since 1977, is a community council of volunteer citizens who reside in the unincorporated portion (i.e., outside the City of Maple Valley) of Tahoma School District # 409. The GMVUAC represents and advocates with King County, state officials, and other organizations for the interests of the citizens of our unincorporated area. GMVUAC covers an area defined by the Tahoma School District No. 409, excluding any portions, which are or become incorporated.


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The GMVUAC membership is comprised of representatives from four Community Areas. Each Community Area is entitled to four representatives who each occupy a position with a term of four years. The terms of the positions in each Community Area are staggered; in every odd year, the terms of two of the four positions in each area expire on December 31 and begin on January 1 of the following year. A member is qualified to serve on the Council if he or she is at least 18 years of age, and is a registered voter in, and a resident of, the Community Area from which he or she is elected.

King County is the only local government that serves citizens living in unincorporated areas — those areas not included in cities such as Maple Valley or Black Diamond. Therefore, much of our efforts focus on ensuring that the County maintains its promise of limited growth in the zoned “Rural Area” (RA) where we live. Most of us want to continue to see the trees, small farms and animals, lack of street life, and limited traffic that we have lived with for years. Therefore, we examine in detail every proposed policy issue affecting the rural area with the intent of ensuring that our citizens’ interests are represented in every venue that seeks to influence rural policies.

GMVUAC meets on the first Monday of each month (except on legal holidays when meetings are on the second Monday) at the Maple Valley fire station at 231st St and SR-169 across from the Sheriff’s Precinct. The public is invited to attend. Each meeting begins with an Open Comment period to allow the public to voice issues of concern. Knowledgeable speakers are invited to discuss topics of specific interest to rural unincorporated citizens.

The purposes of the GMVUAC are:

1. To contribute to the orderly development of greater Maple Valley, while maintaining the historic rural character;

2. To make and publish studies which promote and improve the community; and

3. To act as liaison for the community in providing area representation, comments and recommendations to county, state, and federal agencies.


Unincorporated Area Councils, such as the GMVUAC, have a long and beneficial history in serving as a community forum and voice for area residents regarding their concerns and issues with respect to King County governance, and how local and State policies and programs affect our rural area and its environs.  In 2012 the King County Council enacted a modified approach to community involvement that focused its resources on large and all-encompassing Unincorporated Community Service Areas, but still with great reliance on the continuation of individual Unincorporated Area Councils as a strong advocate in each of these newly designated and larger County service areas.  In support of the 2012 legislation, King County Council staff prepared a very comprehensive background report that may be read here: Revised Staff Report 2012-0267 0268 0374 Community Service Areas.  The actual County Motion #13732 that passed enacting the now operative Unincorporated King County Community Service Area Program may be read here: KC Motion 13732 re UCSA and UAC Revision.  The Unincorporated King County Community Service Area map may be viewed here:  Unincorporated King County Community Service Areas_08 25 2016.


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Maple Valley

We serve those that live in the Tahoma School District, but not in the city limits of Maple Valley

Service Area Stats

Established: 1977
Population: 16,100 (2010 Census)
Area: 116 sq mi