Unincorporated Area Road Levy Lid Lift

Updated Through June 8, 2021

King County Roads Division has proposed an Unincorporated Road Levy Lid Lift , since funding is not keeping pace, resulting in forecasted reduction in service levels and growing unmet-need Revenues. 

The existing Roads Levy can only increase at 1% per year (plus new construction). Gas tax proceeds are flat and expected to decline in the long term. Needed expenditures are many due to aging infrastructure; increasing operating and capital costs; and inflation.

The 6-year levy lid lift as a short-term funding option that, if approved by the King County Council would go to unincorporated area voters this November. It would include the following:

  • 2022: Increase levy to statutory limit ($2.25 per $1,000 in Assessed Value).
  • 2023-2027: Levy total amount grows at limiting factor (Inflation + Population Increase).
  • 2028: Levy amount growth returns to legal maximum (1% per year, plus new construction).

Total Roads spending for those 6 years would be dominated by: Safety & Traffic Control (26%); Roads (20%); and Bridges & Drainage (17%).

See Proposed Unincorporated Area Roads Levy Lift for details.