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Jan 22, 2018


The State Board of Health is in the process of considering changes to the State Onsite Sewage Systems Regulations, WAC 246-272A. This process provides the opportunity for public participation as either direct participants or interested individuals. If you or your group wishes to participate in this rulemaking process, please communicate your interest to the appropriate staff as directed in the Notice that is available here:  CR-101 filing

King County is commencing work on the 2018 Comprehensive Plan Update.  For more details, click on the following link:  2018 KC Comprehensive Plan Update

SR 169 Asphalt Facility Moratorium is now in the hands of the King County Council as to the future course of action to take regarding this site and proposed project.  IF YOU WISH TO DO SO, please contact the members of the King County Council and tell them your position on this matter, and why their decision matters to you, your family, and your neighbors.  The GMVUAC has formally submitted its comments regarding the Cedar River Sites Industrial Moratorium Study that was prepared by KC DPER in response to the King County Council’s Moratorium imposed pursuant to Ordinance 18611.  Visit our Asphalt Facility webpage in the Current Issues Box, or simply click here: Asphalt Facility    KC Exec has published the Cedar River Sites Industrial Moratorium Study required under Ordinance 18611 — Read Study and Transmittal Letter here: Cedar River Sites Industrial Moratorium Study   Transmittal Letter

The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) is working on its Regional Open Space Conservation Plan.  View the Plan and related information here: PSRC Regional Open Space Conservation Plan

The King County Solid Waste Division is working on its Comprehensive Waste Management Plan Update and Environmental Impact Statement, the purpose of which is to develop a plan for how to manage our garbage and recycling for the next 20 years.  Visit our Environment Committee webpage for more information, or view a presentation about this program here: KC SW Comp Plan Update_Slides_02 12 2018

OSS BILL HB 2420 IS DEAD FOR NOW — 2018 LEGISLATIVE SESSION CLOSED ON MARCH 2 WITHOUT FINAL ACTION TAKEN — Visit Our Environment Committee Webpage for more information and link.  For detailed information and status on this Bill, including any upcoming hearings in future legislative sessions, please visit the following legislative website:  HB 2420 Legislative History

PLEASE TAKE IMMEDIATE NOTICE THAT the KC Executive has introduced legislation to create a new DEPARTMENT OF LOCAL SERVICES that will include the DPER together with various functions of the KCDOT, KCDNRP, and the PH-SKC On Site Septic Systems Program.  Information regarding this proposal is here:  KC Exec Proposes New Dept of Local Services_01 22 2018 .  On February 13 the KC Council was briefed and presented more detailed information on this proposal.  This information may be viewed here: Legislation Details (With Text)   2018-B0015_Dept of Local Services   LSI GAO presentation Feb 13   At the March 12, 2018, KC Council meeting, a Motion was introduced at the request of the KC Executive intending to provide guidance regarding the establishment of the new Local Services Department — read the relevant documents here: 2018-0159 Transmittal Letter  2018-0159 Legislation Details (With Text)  2018-0159 Legislative Review Form   The GMVUAC will have guest speaker Harold Taniguchi present to discuss details regarding this new department at our April 2, 2018, monthly meeting.

Please visit our Environment Committee webpage to read about the legislative fix to the Hirst decision.  We will endeavor to keep abreast of future regulatory progress on the implementation of the fix, including opportunities for public review and comment.

Public comments are due soon on several proposed major projects that affect our rural area.  For information on each of these major projects, please see our Current Issues box on this website and click on the topic you would like to review — including Reserve Silica, Asphalt Facility, Franchise Compensation Rulemaking, Solid Waste Plan Update, and the PSRC Regional Transportation Plan.

Comments on Reserve Silica Corporation’s Remedial Investigation (RI) Report (site south of Ravensdale towards Black Diamond) regarding site clean up of materials under MTCA are to be submitted to the Department of Ecology in January 2018 (specific date has not been specified, but the earlier in January the better).  Also, subsequent reports and proposed remedial orders will be made available for public review and comment, and any proposed rezone and/or development proposals will be posted on our website.

Information regarding Lakeside Industries’ proposed SR 169 asphalt facility, including information relating to the County’s interim moratorium affecting projects along the Cedar River, will be posted on our website as such become available.

Updates regarding the County’s Franchise Compensation Rulemaking will be posted as such become available — see our Current Issues Box.

Detailed information, including reports and applications, may be found in the respective section (documents are generally found on the agency website that may be accessed by a clickable link).