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Updated Through January 10, 2019

The Tahoma School Board is seeking applicants to fill a vacancy on the board, following the resignation of longtime directorBill Clausmeyer, who is stepping down on March 1 for personal reasons.  Applicants must be registered voters in the Tahoma School District and must reside inDirector District 2. The person selected to fill the vacancy will serve until a new director is elected by Tahoma voters in the November general election.  At its regular business meeting on Jan. 8, the School Board formally accepted Clausmeyer’s resignation and then discussed and agreed upon a replacement process and timeline. The School Board adopted an application form that isposted on the Tahoma website. The board also set a timeline for advertising the opening, accepting applications, screening and interviewing applicants, and making a final selection:

Jan. 9: Application posted on the Tahoma website
Feb. 1: Application deadline at 4:30 p.m.
Feb. 5 & 6: Applications screened by School Board.
Feb. 25 & 27: School Board interviews applicants.
March 4 & 7: School Board meets in executive session to discuss applicant qualifications.
March 12: School Board selects new director at open meeting.
March 14 & 18: New director receives orientation.
March 26: New director sworn in and takes seat on the School Board.

The timeline includes additional days for application screening, interviews, and selection if necessary. If you have questions, please contact the Communications Office —–> Kevin Patterson, Director of Communication, Tahoma School District, Maple Valley, WA 98038.     Office: 425-413-3409          Mobile: 206-375-5185

The King County Council is considering major amendments to the Zoning Code regarding the continued operation of small wineries and breweries in the rural area.  Presently this proposed legislation is in the KCC’s Planning, Rural Service and Environment Committee.  Please use the following link to visit the PRSEC’s main webpage: KC Council’s PRSE Committee’s Webpage .  The detailed legislative history for File No. 2018-0241 may be accessed here: File No. 2018-0241 Legislative Details .  Concerned public should read the existing Zoning Code, the proposed legislation, and the PRSEC’s Chair Striker in light of the recent KC Hearing Examiner’s decision in the Four Horsemen Brewery code enforcement appeal issued October 3, 2018, that addresses compliance of rural area breweries and tasting rooms with the existing Zoning Code provisions relating to Home Occupations.  By joint letter dated November 9, 2018, the GMVUAC together with the Upper Bear Creek UAC (UBCUAC) and Hollywood Hill Association (HHA) offered comments on the underlying Sammamish Valley Wine and Beverage Study and on the proposed Code amendments ( RA UAC Adult Beverage Comment LtrFoSV Proposed Ordinance Review Matrix); however, the GMVUAC is also considering this proposed legislation, including the proposed Chair Striker, in light of additional information now available, including the Hearing Examiner’s Four Horsemen Brewery decision.

The Washington Department of Ecology has notified the GMVUAC of its forthcoming MTCA Public Participation Grant (PPG) program. It provides funding that enables community organizations to participate in the cleanup process. This often includes resources for hiring the expertise needed to provide technical review and input.  Applications will be open in March 2019 for grants that will be effective July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2021. If you would like to receive notification, please send an email to ECY-PUBLIC-PARTICIPATION-GRANTS@LISTSERV.ECOLOGY.WA.GOV. If you have any questions about the PPG, please contact Lynn Gooding at (360) 407-6062.  The GMVUAC submitted comments on December 7, 2018, regarding the Department’s draft Agreed Order and Public Participation Plan relating to the Reserve Silica Mine Site MTCA Cleanup project; read the Council’s comment letter here: Comment Ltr–RS Agreed Order .

Information is available re the Erickson Logging/Fred Wagner — Ravensdale Reclamation trench filling grading permit GRDE18-0114.  Please visit our King County Links webpage or go directly to the King County Public Notices website to obtain relevant information regarding this project and many more:  KC Public Notices re New Applications .  Grading permit application is separately online at:  Ravensdale Reclamation – Special Interest Project .  This material is also available from our GMVUAC website –> King County Links –> KC DPER Projects of Special Interest –> click on Ravensdale Reclamation project in the NOTES column on right side.  Michael and Donna Brathovde prepared detailed comments of the Grading Permit Application and SEPA Checklist for this proposal and submitted them to KC DPER; with the express written permission of the Brathovdes given to GMVUAC on October 19, 2018, their comment letters may be read here: GRDE18-0114 Brathovde Comments   Brathovde SEPA Comments .  The GMVUAC submitted a letter to KC DPER supporting the Brathovdes’ comments which may be read here: Erickson Comment Ltr – GMVUAC  .

Visit our GMVUAC Current Issues Box and click on “KC Solid Waste Plan” for more information regarding the Update to the KC Solid Waste Management Plan (addresses future projections and continued operation of the Cedar Hills Landfill).

In 2015, Washington State legislators asked the William D. Ruckelshaus Center (Center), to design a process for a comprehensive and collaborative look at the Growth Management Act (GMA). To gauge support for this effort and identify an appropriate scope, the Center conducted a Pre-Assessment from October 2016 through June 2017. The Pre-Assessment consisted of a series of conversations with individuals from dozens of groups, organizations, tribal, state, and local governments. Based on input from the parties, the Center recommended a process to: (1) articulate a vision of a desired future for Washington, and (2) examine the planning framework that provides the path to reach that desired future. The growth planning framework in Washington includes the Growth Management Act, the Shoreline Management Act, the State Environmental Policy Act and other laws, institutions and policies. The Legislature responded to the pre-assessment by allocating funds to the Center for a two year project to create a “Road Map to Washington’s Future.” The budget proviso outlined a scope, schedule, and general process for the project. The purpose of the project is to articulate a vision of Washington’s desired future and identify additions, revisions, or clarifications to the state’s growth management framework of laws, institutions, and policies needed to reach that future.  An overview of this program (as a MS .doc file) with resource links may be accessed here: Ruckelshaus Center Workshops-Road Map to Washington’s Future .  The program website may be directly accessed via this link: A Road Map to Washington’s Future – Ruckelshaus Center .

King County Council is amending its Comprehensive Plan Ordinance and moving to an 8-year major update cycle.  Committee proposed changes to the Executive-proposed Ordinance are under consideration and will be introduced and acted on by the full King County Council in September and October.  The proposed Ordinance is File No. 2018-0153 and a comparison of the Executive’s proposal and the Committee’s striker may be viewed here: Proposed Ordinance 2018_0153_with Striker Comparison .  More information on this legislative process is presented on our Home Page News section under the title “Comprehensive and GMVCR CSA Plan Updates”.

On June 14, 2018, the KC DNRP issued the following public notice regarding to its issuance of certain documents relating to its Programmatic Permit for Backcountry Trail Non-project Action:  “King County issued a Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) for the Programmatic Permit for Backcountry Trail Non-project Action. View these documents here:  SEPA DNSSEPA ChecklistFinal Draft of Programmatic (Grading) Permit .” Contact: Kelly Heintz, Natural Resources Land Planner; King County Parks and Recreation Division; 201 South Jackson Street, Room 700; Seattle, WA 98104; 206-477-7372 (SEPA); KCParks.SEPA@kingcounty.gov .  Read more on our Environment Committee webpage.

King County Parks has issued the Draft Black Diamond Area Stewardship Plan for public review and comment. To read more about this program and to review the plan, please visit this website: Draft Black Diamond Area Stewardship Plan .  The GMVUAC previously submitted comments on its review of the proposed plan scope on February 14, 2017 — read our letter here: BD Stewardship Plan – GMVUAC Comments .  Our formal comment letter on the Draft Plan may be read here: DRAFT BDS Plan – GMVUAC Comments .  Read more on our Environment Committee webpage.

Information regarding the creation of a new Department of Local Services may be read and accessed in the NEWS portion of our home webpage (in the “New KC Department of Local Services” section), and all residents are encouraged to review the information and links that more fully describe this new department.

Detailed information regarding the above and much more, including reports and applications, may be found on our Committee webpages (generally our Growth Management, Environment, and Transportation Committees) and linked from our Current Issues Box.


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